International Trade Service

International Trade Service in banking industry as well as global aspects play a important role for development of economy. Trade Service in banking industry plays a vital role in global business.

International Trade Services

1) Trade Payment-

  1. Cash in Advance
  2. Open Account (Most Widely used)
  3. Documentary Collection
  4. Documentary Credit

2) Trade Finance

International Trade Service is also practiced in open account which is followed by documentary collection and then documentary credit. Cash in advance most preferable to exporter.

Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of Government of Bangladesh do not require IRC for importation. As per domestic requirement of Bangladesh Commercial invoice has to be signed.

Usually a commercial invoice is signed by the exporter/supplier and submitted in multiple sets. Other types of invoices are submitted-

  1. Consular invoice
  2. Customs invoice
  3. Certified invoice
  4. Pro-forma invoice

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