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  1. A repaying bank’s charges are for the record of the issuing bank.
  2. When respecting a repayment assert, a repaying bank is committed to take after the guidelines with respect to any charges contained in the repayment approval.
  3. In the event that a repayment approval expresses that the repaying bank’s charges are for the record of the recipient, they might be deducted from the sum because of a guaranteeing bank when repayment is made. At the point when a repaying bank takes after the directions of the issuing bank with respect to charges (counting commissions, charges, expenses or costs) and these charges are not paid, or a repayment assert is never displayed to the repaying bank under the repayment approval, the issuing bank stays obligated for such charges.
  4. All charges paid by the repaying bank will be notwithstanding the measure of the approval, gave that the asserting bank shows the measure of such charges.
  5. On the off chance that the issuing bank neglects to give the repaying bank directions in regards to charges, all charges might be for the record of the issuing bank.