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Banking is a competitive industry, and as such, high quality customer service is invaluable to cultivating and retaining customers. Banking is all about trust and by delivering a world-class service that offers customers relevant and meaningful products, services and advices, banks can maximize customer relationship, and increase customer loyalty. Bank services to its valuable customers is the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met. Customer service is meeting the needs and desires of any customer. People must be able to trust those in charge of their finances.


Code of Conduct for Customer Services:

Code of Conduct for Customer Services is a set of rules and regulations for employees’ personal behavioral pattern, official decorum, dress code, environment at work station and disciplinary arrangement for staff, stakeholders and stock holders in the banking premise in order to maintain as well as deliver an unique banking services to customers. Urgency of code of conduct is to create a sense of unanimity among a group of employees, customers and guests in spite of individual differences. The aim of the code of conduct is also to nurture a common perspective towards the mission and the vision of any customer oriented bank. Code of Conduct for Customer Services acts as an internal supervisory body and conveys the message to the officials regarding basic requirements of appropriate professionalism within the organizational principles.

Code of Conduct for Customer Services is the foundation for all the policies and procedures in any financial institution. It deals with the professional standards that customers expect in this line of business. Code of Conduct for Customer Services is the way of ensuring officials of a financial  institute or any other organizations who are doing the right thing in a right way for customers to know itself align with good corporate governance. Deficiency of clear code of conduct increases the chance of inconsistent and irregular services. In order to mitigate communication gap between customers and bankers and to eliminate the customers’ harassment; Code of Conduct for Customer

Services is an all-out effort from a bank or financial institute. Exercising code of conduct for customer services helps to make customers happy and develop long term banker-customer relationship.

It is well established that a good reputation is difficult to earn, easy to lose and almost impossible to reclaim.. Together we have what it takes to complete the forefront of any bank standard. Banks is relying on the integrity, sincerity, continued dedication and adherence to the basic requirements of its officials in the mentioned Code of Conduct for Customer Services to help reaching at the preferred standards set by bank

Bank Services Objectives:

To set minimum standards of fair banking practices within the Bank and in turn, meet customers’ desired expectations and satisfaction;

 To make customers fully aware of the range of products and services available at bank and the terms/conditions related to providing such products and services;

 To detail the Bank’s as well as the customers’ mutual rights and obligations while delivering or availing, as the case may be, the products and services in order that the Bank-Customer relationship is based on complete transparency.

 To promote a long standing cordial relationship between the Bank and its Customers, characterized by mutual trust and confidence.

 To uphold the branding image of banks and make itself known as a customer friendly and a preferred service provider. The Customer Charter will apply to all Products and Services, present and future, provided or to be provided by bank or financial institutes through its Branches, Service Centers, Across the Counter, Over the Phone, By Post, through Interactive Electronic Devices, On the Internet or any other mode.

Code of Conduct for Customer Services is framed for attaining appropriate professionalism within organizational culture. Any bank or financial institutions always strives to ensure high professional and ethical standards in all banking activities with a view to the best interest of bank itself and its employees. Every bank promotes this code of conduct as it is committed to enrich the knowledge depth of the employees as well as safeguard the bank’s interest so that customers can have their desired banking service in prompt and responsive way. However, the objective of this

policy is to ensure no employees are misguided by a sense of loyalty or profitability to ignore moral decency or disobey any applicable law.

 As a whole; it is an instruction for officials of banks especially customer handling officers so that every official can present before customers in a positive and professional manner upholding the brand image of AB. In wider sense objectives of code of conduct for customer services is served into three areas:

Benefits for Bank:

 Code of Conduct for Customer Services helps to build a professional approach.

 Creates positive impression among existing customers and potential customers as well.

 Retention of existing customers.

 Uphold the branding image.

 Spreads out the financial reputation .

Benefits for Employees

 Code of conduct helps our employees to deliver customer services in a specified and professional manner.

 It will create urge among employees to manage customers’ queries rapidly, effectively and efficiently.

 Facilitates all employees to follow and maintain a uniform service standard.

 Creates promptness and a proactive approach among bank officials.

 Assists to build up fair and positive competition among officials.

Benefits for Customers

 Customers can avail proper and uniform guidance as officials approach in professional manner.

 Customers can have more access to banking products and services due to strict compliance of the code.

 Helps to resolve problems or complaints in comparatively quicker method.

 Creates hassle free environment for customers.

 Application of Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct for Customer Services is expressed to ensure that each and every employee is committed to provide and maintain uniform level of Code of conduct towards the customers. In order to supplement the “Customer Service & Complaint Management Policy” and make it more effective, every bank is introducing the Code of Conduct for Customer Services which focuses on:

  1. People – The team who serve the customers.
  2. Premises – The location from which bankers serve and communicate with customers and colleagues.
  3. Papers – The documents which are used to provide and receive information.
  4. Processes-The operation processes that enable bankers to delight customers.
  5. Practices – The way in which bankers interact with customers.

 The Services that Banks offer to the Public:

  1. Carry out currency exchange
  2. The many different roles banks play in the economy-example: the intermediation role, payment role, guarantor role, risk management role, saving/investment advisor role, safekeeping/certification of value role, agency role, policy role.
  3. Discounting commercial notes and making business role.
  4. Offering savings deposits.
  5. Safekeeping of valuables and certification of value.`
  6. Supporting government activities with credit.
  7. Offering demand deposit.
  8. Offering trust services.


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