Charges and Expenses

If the collection direction determines that accumulation charges as well as costs are to be for record of the drawee and the drawee declines to pay them, the presenting bank may convey the document(s) against payment or acceptance or on different terms and conditions all things considered.

Where the collection direction explicitly expresses that charges or costs may not be deferred and the drawee declines to pay such charges as well as costs, the presenting bank will not convey documents and not be responsible for any consequences arising out of any

delay.  At the point when installment of accumulation charges or potentially costs has been rejected the exhibiting bank must illuminate by media transmission or, if that isn’t conceivable, by different quick means immediately the bank from whom the accumulation direction was gotten.

 In all situations where in the express terms of a collection direction or under these Rules, disbursement or potentially costs as well as collection charges are to be borne by the principal.

Banks maintain all authority to request payment of charges or any costs ahead of time from the party from whom the collection guideline was received, to covers expenses and pending receipt of such payment.

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