e5(a) An eUCP credit allowing presentation of-

  1. electronic records must state a place for presentation of electronic records.
  2. both electronic records and paper documents must also state a place of presentation of paper documents.

e5(b) electronic records may be presented separately and need not be presented at the same  time.

e5(c) presentation is deemed not to have been made if beneficiary’s notice is not received.

e5(d) each presentation of an electronic records and paper documents under an eUCP credit must identify the eUCP credit under which it is presented. A presentation not so satisfied may be treated as  not received.

e5(e) if bank system open but its system unable to receive a electronic record on the stipulated timeline or expiry date or last day of presentation, the bank will be deemed to be closed and last date for presentation or expiry date shall be extended to the first following banking day.

e5(f) An electronic record that cannot be valid is considered not to have presented.

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